With founding the Austrian project companies of the MOUNTAINMENTS line, the german project developer Domus Vivendi Group laid the foundation for its projects in the Alps at the turn of the year 2021/2022. Following that, the office in the center of Kitzbühel has now been occupied. True to Domus Vivendi´s typically local building style, their office and showroom are located in a historic house with wooden facade at Graggaugasse 7. Even the solid wooden entrance door gives a hint that everything here revolves around craftsmanship.

Through a wooden staircase you can reach the upper level, for which Thomas Oellig, owner of Domus Vivendi, thought of a special interior design concept: “Lots of the details from our chalets can already be found here at the office. Old wood, furniture upholstered with chamois hide, a harmonious lighting concept, custom-made items… We want our customers to get the best possible impression of what we create here on site”. In addition to the presentation of projects in the Kitzbühel area, however, it is also hoped that there will be interfaces with the other locations of the Domus Vivendi Group. “We encounter some of our customers from Mallorca or Ibiza here in the village, even though we didn´t even know they owned properties here. Of course, with our office in Kitzbühel, we also want to offer a contact point for those interested in our projects on the Balearic Islands,” adds Thomas Oellig.

From now on, the Kitzbühel office will also house two experienced architects from the Domus Vivendi Group, in addition to the secretariat. “Job advertisements for master builders and junior architects have already been posted – we plan to hire at least 2 more employees this year,” explains Thomas Oellig.

In the meantime, various plots of land have been purchased in prime locations, on which unique chalets and exclusive flats will be built in the future The MOUNTAINMENTS projects will continue Domus Vivendi Group´s successfully established luxury line in Kitzbühel in familiar high-end quality and with first class service.

“The construction of our first project – MOUNTAINMENTS ONE – an extraordinary chalet in country-style architecture with countless details and a sensational panoramic view, will start this summer,” Thomas Oellig is pleased to announce.

The overall volume of those four currently planned projects in and around Kitzbühel count about 85 million euros.

About Domus Vivendi

The Domus Vivendi Group builds high-quality real estate projects in the best locations in Europe, tailor-made to the expectations of future owners and residents. With more than 32 years of experience in project development and a total turnover of over one billion euros, the spectrum of services and know-how ranges from modern micro-apartments to multi-family houses and commercial projects to properties in the premium segment.

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