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Frankfurt-Gallus: 422 apartments now available to rent/chief planning officer

Mike Josef: “The Bright Side building project is making a vital contribution to

the housing supply”

Frankfurt am Main, 17th January 2018

422 apartments are currently in construction on the site opposite the Adlerwerke

factory in Gallus. They will be ready for occupation in September; but the one- to

five-room apartments are already available to let. “Despite the fact that we have

hardly advertised our

‘Bright Side’ development, we have already received

numerous enquiries”, said Thomas Oellig, managing director of the Domus Vivendi

Group, at today’s topping-out ceremony - which also heralds the start of the

development’s properties being available to let.

“This represents urgently needed living space in a central location, which is in part

funded by the City of Frankfurt and thus stands as additional affordable housing”,

explained chief planning officer Mike Josef. “The project is making a vital contribution

to the housing supply, especially thanks to the Funding Channel 2.”

Spokesperson for the planning office, Dr Marcus Gwechenberger, gave a welcoming

address to the City of Frankfurt at the topping-out ceremony. Representatives of

investors who have bought Bright Side were also present: Ulrich Haeselbarth from

Hanse Merkur Grundvermögen AG, which purchased Bright Side I with 356 privately

financed apartments, and Pedro Machado from Hamburg Team Investment

Management GmbH. The company has taken over management of Bright Side II

with its 66 subsidised apartments and children’s nursery.

The various different apartment formats are a noticeable feature of the building on

Weilburger Straße: they are aimed at individuals and couples, as well as families

and senior citizens. The Domus Vivendi Group developed the apartments in co-

operation with Mercurius Real Estate AG.

“Compact apartments” are in great demand

The apartments with a “compact” design have been most in demand to date. They

are based on the needs of young families and senior citizens; for whom it is not the

size of the apartment, but rather the largest number of rooms that is important. Their

budget often prevents them from finding an apartment with the desired number of

rooms in a city centre location, however. The developers wanted to fill this gap in the

market: Bright Side houses 116 units with two to four rooms.

Individuals, young professionals and commuters can all find a suitable home here -

the 185 micro-apartments have been designed for people who not only value

functionality, but also high-quality part-furnished apartments and good local transport

connections. There is also no shortage of conventional homes: tenants can choose

between 55 units with between two and five rooms.

“Middle-class Programme”: subsidised apartments for families and senior


Bright Side also features 66 apartments, which are part of the “Frankfurt Programme

for the Construction of Affordable Rented Housing: Funding Channel 2”. “Families

and senior citizens with an average income are increasingly struggling to find an

affordable home in Frankfurt on the open market”, says managing director Oellig.

The “Middle-class Programme” funding by the City of Frankfurt has been created to

support these tenant groups.

Barrier-free and with its own nursery

The majority of the 422 apartments are barrier-free. Bright Side also includes a

children’s nursery with generous outdoor space. The plans are for two classes for

children over three and two for younger children. The Sozialpädagogische Verein

Frankfurt zur familienergänzenden Erziehung e.V. is responsible for the nursery.

Roof garden with views over the city skyline

The development was given its name for a reason: the majority of the apartments

come with a balcony or a loggia. Frankfurt’s largest roof garden is another of Bright

Side’s highlights: it is open to all tenants and offers expansive views over Frankfurt,

including the city skyline.

You can find more information about Bright Side at http://www.brightside-ffm.de/.

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