Mercurius AG: subsidiary Mercurius Real Estate AG sells micro-apartment complex in Frankfurt

Frankfurt am Main, 12.10.2010. The Mercurius Group has sold its micro-apartment complex in Frankfurt

Bockenheim in a share deal. With its 181 apartments of approx. 25 sq m in size, the real estate

addresses the increasing demand amongst commuters, young professionals and students for high-

quality, affordable, central housing. The building is due to be completed in the first quarter of 2011.

Mercurius will develop further projects with its project partner, Domus Vivendi GmbH & Co. KG from

Königstein. They have already purchased a further plot in Bockenheim upon which they plan to build

164 micro-apartments. Furthermore, additional developments are intended for Stuttgart, Hamburg and


“We are very happy to have secured a professional investor with AviaRent Capital Management and

one who shares our conviction for this asset class. Our early success in letting the apartments

demonstrates that there is a robust market for this type of housing.” says Ari Bizimis, chairperson of

Mercurius AG.

Company profile:

The Mercurius Group is a financial services platform for alternative investments and asset management

with an affiliated securities trading bank. Our strengths lie in entrepreneurship, capital market experience

and our network.

The subsidiary Mercurius Handelsbank GmbH has the following divisions: securities trading, structured

products, asset management and asset management services.

The subsidiary Mercurius Real Estate AG develops high-quality real estate projects in city centre

locations, with a focus on the residential market.

Under the brand “CFI FAIRPAY”, Mercurius AG sells and lends life insurance on the secondary market

and is also commissioned to manage existing policy portfolios for clients.

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