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Frankfurt Niederrad: the Domus Vivendi Group begins letting out


apartments in the Lyon district

Frankfurt am Main, 21.08.2014

The Domus Vivendi Group and its partner Mercurius Real Estate AG has started

letting out 196 one-room apartments in the Lyon district. The apartments will be

ready for occupation in December 2014. The apartments are being let already as a

result of the high demand: the comfortable accommodation has been designed to

meet the needs of commuters from nearby companies.

The apartment complex lies in the immediate vicinity of companies such as Nestlé

and DekaBank, as well as to the University Hospital and to the largest employer in

Germany: Frankfurt Airport. The central location is very advantageous for the

residents: the city centre, the City Forest and the airport are all just one or two S-

Bahn stations away.

The former office building was stripped back and has been fully refurbished and

converted into a KfW Efficiency House 70. Thomas Oellig, managing director of

Domus Vivendi GmbH & Co. KG: “We want our apartments to help make the

Niederrad district a more attractive place to live. We will continue the concept that

we have already successfully implemented in three locations in Frankfurt: all

apartments are part-furnished, energy-efficient and come with low running costs.

Average monthly rent, including utility bills, will not exceed 500 euros.”

Niederrad is being transformed into a residential and business district

The district of Niederrad is currently in transition. The Standort-Initiative Neues

Niederrad (SINN), which has eleven founding members, including Mercurius Real

Estate AG, has announced that it wants to transform the district into a vibrant

residential and commercial district. There should be a good mixture of residential

units and offices, and an increasing number of restaurants and local amenities

should also be included.

You can find more information about the apartments from the Domus Vivendi Group

online at www.microliving.de.

The portal www.lebendige-buerostadt.de provides further information about SINN.

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The DOMUS VIVENDI Group and its partners are based in Königstein im Taunus

and offer over 25 years of experience in the realisation of project development and

project management in Germany and abroad.

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