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Frankfurt, Gallus: The Domus Vivendi Group is developing around


apartments under the name “Gallus Green Gardens - G³”

Königstein im Taunus, 24.07.2015

The Domus Vivendi Group is building around 450 apartments in Frankfurt’s Gallus

district. The 24,000 sq m of living space houses a combination of compact, social,

micro- and conventional apartments. There is also a children’s nursery with a large

outdoor area. The real estate developer hopes that the various types of apartments

available will add to the vibrant development of the neighbourhood. The Domus

Vivendi Group is developing the building ensemble to the south of the Adlerwerke

factory together with Mercurius Real Estate AG from Frankfurt.

The construction project focuses on a type of housing that has been very rare until

now: lots of rooms in a small space. “Compact living” is predominantly aimed at

couples and young families. “It is very hard for these groups of tenants to find

affordable homes with a suitable number of rooms in the city centre”, explains Atilia

Özkan, chairperson of Mercurius Real Estate. “We want to provide affordable

apartments tailored precisely to these tenants.”

The ground-breaking ceremony for the almost 13,000 sq m plot is due to take place

next year. The apartments in Weilburger Straße should be ready for occupation by

the end of 2017. The 100-million-euro project has been given its name for a reason:

a roof garden will span across the top of the building and will be accessible to all

residents. “Frankfurt does not yet have a residential building with a roof garden of

this size”, explains Thomas Oellig, managing director of Domus Vivendi.

The up-and-coming Gallus district, with its many new restaurants, cultural attractions

known across the city and green spaces is distinguished by its central location. It is

also an important media location: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Frankfurter Neue

Presse, the Deutsche Fachverlag and the Frankfurter Societätsverlag are all based

here. “Gallus Green Gardens - G³” is just five minutes from the River Main and ten

minutes from the city centre by public transport or bike. The nearby S-Bahn station

offers two-minute connections to the main train station and ten-minute connections

to Eschborn.

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The DOMUS VIVENDI Group and its partners are based in Königstein im Taunus

and offer over 25 years of experience in the realisation of project development and

project management in Germany and abroad.

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