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Domus Vivendi GmbH & Co. KG: apartment complex in the Bahnstadt

Heidelberg sold to mondial KAG

Frankfurt am Main, 3rd April 2014

Domus Vivendi GmbH & Co. KG and its partner Mercurius Real Estate AG have sold

their apartment complex Green Five to mondial kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbH.

Mondial will integrate the asset into the mondial campusfonds Deutschland I fund -

a specialist real estate fund under German law. The fund invests in student

accommodation in sustainable attractive university locations in Germany. The

specialist real estate fund will be added to a total volume of around 300 million euros.

Michael Vogt, spokesperson for the executive board of mondial

kapitalanlagegesellschaft mbh: “With the Green Five apartment complex, we have

acquired a high-quality development for our fund. It lives up to our high demands

both in terms of location and the development itself. It will serve to further advance

the very positive development of our asset.”

Thomas Oellig, managing director of Domus Vivendi GmbH & Co. KG: “Our

apartment complexes provide a solution for the increasingly flexible rental clientèle.

The concept is future-proof and we are recording an ever-increasing interest

amongst institutional investors.”

Bahnstadt Heidelberg is one of the most innovative German urban development

projects. The apartment complex is situated in close proximity to the main train

station and the university. It has been built as a KfW Efficiency House 40 / passive

house 40 and offers around 4,700 m² of living space. It also houses 305 m² of

commercial space. The apartments meet the needs of student living and a dynamic

employment market: all 218 apartments are part-furnished and allow residents to

move in quickly - they are extremely attractive to students, as well as commuters

and individuals.

Mercurius Real Estate and Domus Vivendi are currently building three other

buildings in Frankfurt am Main: in the immediate vicinity of the airport, in Frankfurt’s

city centre and close to the new ECB premises. Further buildings in large cities such

as Stuttgart and Berlin are in the pipeline.

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The DOMUS VIVENDI Group and its partners are based in Königstein im Taunus

and offer over 25 years of experience in the realisation of project development and

project management in Germany and abroad.

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